How To Prevent Gums From Receding?

If you've a receding gum line, you probably are at some stage of periodontal gum disease. Gum recession can be reversed, however, you must identify its real cause in order to opt for the proper periodontal disease treatment. So finding the root cause allows you to know how to cure receding gum lines.



8 Danger Signs that You Have Periodontal Gum Disease:


  • Loose teeth
  • Chronic halitosis (bad breath)
  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Toothaches
  • Teeth fit differently when you bite
  • Dentures do not fit correctly
  • Gum recession


Why You Shouldn't Ignore Gum Disease?


If you've a receding gum line and any of the above symptoms, you must pay attention. Do you know gum disease is linked with stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, diabetes complications, underweight or prematurely born babies, digestive disorders, and much more life-threatening conditions. The fight against gum disease is the front line to many other problems. Don't put it off!


What Are  the Aggravating Factors of Periodontal Gum Disease?


  • Tobacco smoking and Tobacco
  • Depressed Immune System
  • Bad Nutrition
  • Pregnancy
  • Medications and Hormones
  • Drug use
  • Poor dental hygiene


What's The Most Common Cause Of Gum Gum Disease?


The root cause of  gum disease is the abundance of naturally occurring harmful bacteria in the holes of your teeth and gums. The bacteria grow forms into plaque and tartar on the teeth. The bacteria produce a toxin that basically eats away at gum tissue and bone structure. If you don't kill and control the bacteria you may ultimately lose more of your gum line and even your teeth. Do not wait to take action.


Can Receding Gum Be Reversed?


Yes it can! If you're able to control the bacteria it gives your body the chance to naturally restore gum tissues and thus your gumline. It is essential however to have current plaque and tartar build up removed professionally. Ultimately, with proper dental hygiene, overall health, and the right remedy you can see an improvement in your receding gums.



Educating kids about the problems of periodontal disease and gum recession should start at an early age. The concepts and techniques will then have time to develop from their subconscious minds into their conscious awareness.


Definition - Receding gums also known as gum recession is a term used by dentists and physician both when referring to a loss of mucosal tissue over the gum or alveolar bone. This leads to an exposure of teeth roots.

Causes - The condition is very common among middle-aged men and women. However the problem may start during the teen years. The greatest cause of receding gums is harsh brushing on a daily basis which results in enamel corrosion at the gum lines. Bacterial build-up from improper dental healthcare can cause both bone and enamel break-down. Periodontal diseases including gingivitis and edentulism may also cause recessions.

Signs - Typical signs of recession include pain, discomfort and inflammed gums, exposure of tooth roots, cavities below gumline and general tooth sensitivity.

Cures - Prevention is always better than treatment, particularly when it comes to receding gums just because that there's no set-in-stone cure for the problem except very intrusive periodontal surgical procedure. By only practicing proper oral hygiene and solutions you will be sure that the chances of growing the problem are significantly decreased.

Natural Remedies - Natural remedies or remedies should always be your first choice because of the effectiveness and affordability of natural ingredients. Sage is a great natural astringent, gently tightening the gum areas while also giving relief to the often painful symptoms of receding gums. Produce your own mouthwash by adding sage to boiled water and leaving a while, strain and rinse at least two times everyday with the solution. Tea tree is another wonderful natural anti-microbial and bacterial ingredient, not just curing but also effectively preventing the bacterial build-up. Rinse your mouth twice daily, with a solution of warm water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

Medical attention - It is totally imperative to seek clinical attention before initiating any treatment or should you encounter any of the signs or clear visibility of gum recession. Your dentist or physician can do a proper diagnoses and advise a suitable cure.



How To Prevent Receding Gum Lines The Natural Way?


You should be careful that you don't make your existing problem worse. Many folks use mouthwash for gum disease without knowing that it often contains very harsh chemicals that aggravate the gums. Furthermore, the mouthwash doesn't remain and have a lasting impact on the bacteria. Many toothpastes also consist of potentially harmful chemicals. Have you ever asked yourself why there are government warning labels on toothpaste tubes?


Tips To Stop Or Reverse Recession


In Most Cases, It Is Possible To Prevent, Treat And Stop Or Reverse Receding Gums. Look At The Following Tips:


In mild conditions, the natural healing process happens with better dental hygiene techniques; enough recover your tissue's health. If you believe you may currently have receding gums, start with a full, deep cleaning from your dental professional. Follow it up with daily brushing. Flossing is also vital. The health of your gums may return over time.


For decades people have been using essential oils as a periodontal disease cure. Natural oils such as almond, peppermint and spearmint, all in the right combination, can be a potent formula against your main culprit - harmful bacteria. It works very well because it seeps into the gum line where the plaque and tartar are lodged. Since the oil is able to stay in contact contact with the affected area, it gives the body an opportunity to restore the gum tissue of affected areas. When the bacteria is controlled, often such things as chronic bad breath (halitosis) and irritation go away. Over time you learn to smile again without the embarrassment of a receding gumline.